Planning & Zoning Board


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • The 2nd Wednesday of each month or immediately following a Board of Appeals meeting 


Committee Members 

  • Lorraine Duffy Suarez - Chair
  • Jennifer Sedillo - Vice Chair
  • Susan Caisse
  • Liz Lindsay
  • Heather Norton
  • Christos Politis
  • Colin Young
  • Ali Schaaff - Alternate


The Planning and Zoning Board is the local planning agency for the City of Safety Harbor in terms of all matters related to the comprehensive growth plan, adopted in accordance with the requirements of State law.


The Board is also responsible for conducting public hearings related to planning and development cases, and making recommendations on these cases to the City Commission. The Planning Department is responsible for coordinating the duties of the Planning and Zoning Board.