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Illicit Discharges

An illicit discharge is a discharge of pollutants or non stormwater materials into a storm sewer system. This type of discharge is prohibited by the City of Safety Harbor Code of Ordinances. A citizen can report an illicit discharge to the City of Safety Harbor Code Enforcement at 727-724-1555.

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NPDES Permit

The City is a co-permittee, under Pinellas County, for yearly reporting of our MS4 (municipal separate storm sewer system). The NPDES program is aimed at controlling water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters of Florida. As per federal law and state statute, the city must report on items that may affect the discharge or pollutants, for example: inspection and maintenance of the stormwater system, inspection of industrial facilities, public education, capital improvement projects, site developments, and illicit discharges to name just a few.

Stormwater NPDES Web Links (PDF)

Storm Water Drainage Corridor Maintenance

The Stormwater Division’s main function is to protect property and the environment by maintaining positive drainage flows to prevent flooding, yet sustain nature’s hydrological balance.

Routine Maintenance

The routine maintenance of the city’s drainage corridors is one of the major activities of the Stormwater Division.Throughout the year this Division maintains 12.88 miles of drainage ditches and creek corridor.

Corridor Maintenance

The corridor maintenance activities focus only on the removal of vegetative overgrowth within the “water flow line” of the creek channel. Little, if any, removal of vegetation is undertaken on the creek banks in order to avoid disrupting bank stability and to eliminate the potential for aggravated bank erosion conditions.