Fire Department Administration

Chief's Corner
Dear Residents and Visitors of Safety Harbor,

We the members of the Safety Harbor Fire Department are committed to providing emergency preparedness and response services with the utmost care and proficiency to help protect life and property from all hazards. A proactive approach is taken by extensive training and planning. We operate under the Incident Management System when responding to all emergencies and events to ensure the safety of our members, the citizens we serve, and the general public.

We are highly trained professionals that respond to thousands of calls each year, that range from suppressing and extinguishing fires, handling emergency medical services, hazardous material response, disaster response and other types of emergencies. In addition to emergency response the department provides a variety of community oriented services, including public safety, education and prevention programs.

The department operates and staffs 2 fire stations strategically located throughout the city and our fire district. Resources include:
  • 1 Truck Company at Fire Station 53 located on McMullen Booth Road
  • 1 engine company
  • 1 fire boat
  • 1 District Chief at Fire Station 52 located downtown on Main Street
Additional resources include 2 reserve engines, 3 special rescue units used for special events. These Field units are supervised by the on-duty District Chief.

Administration is located at Fire Station 53 and is staffed by the Fire Chief, the Fire Marshal, and an Administrative Assistant. Feel free to roam the website as well as the other city department sites.

Chief Joe Accetta