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Highwaymen Art

Currently on Exhibit at City Hall

Highwaymen Art

Have you seen an original Highwaymen art piece before? On display now through the end of February, these original works by artists RL Lewis, Mary Ann Carroll, Al Black, Willie Reagan and Rodney Demps are paintings to be admired. Read on about the rich history of the Highwaymen and how they shaped a generation of African American artists in Florida.
Alan Manning Art

Currently On Exhibit at The Library - Alan Manning "Alzheimer Fundraiser Art"

"We’re all born with a blank canvas on which to draw our lives. My late husband Alan Manning, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009 and died at home in 2012, just 3 weeks before his 71st birthday. In the early stages of this disease he started to draw, by hand, incredible masterpieces, just using a fine black ink pen and a ruler. Using straight lines he was able to create optical illusions. He would sit for hours and hours drawing, in his own world, trying to concentrate. I wish I had thought to date them, but I was just so busy with the day to day duties of a 24/7 caregiver. At this time he had significant memory deficits, language problems, personality changes, and usually had no idea who I was. He couldn’t even dress himself. He was just living in the moment, and this has taught me a wonderful life lesson. During his life he battled dyslexia and always said he saw shapes and lines in everything. Although he had never done any artwork, he loved building and making things. He had a brilliant analytical mind; could figure out a mathematical equation before most people had time to enter it into a calculator, was quick witted, and just loved to put anyone at ease with his kindness and goodhearted humor. No matter who you were, or however bad your day, Alan could always cheer you up, he had a gift – he was just such a special human being and I feel privileged to have been married to him for 34 yrs.

Since we have no children, I’ve now decided to release these drawings into the universe to help raise funds benefiting Alzheimer’s research, care and support.

Now you can own one of these unique one of a kind originals for a minimum donation of $50.00, plus shipping. 100% of the proceeds (except shipping) goes directly to benefiting Alzheimer’s research, care and support with goal of $5,000. Anyone wishing to be a Matching Donor, please contact me."

- Angela Manning

Bay Area Rock Flyer
herbert scott davis art

Currently on Exhibit at the Museum


Bay Area Rock Art Exhibit

The Painted Rock Movement, which has numerous origins across the country, is a way for people of all ages and skill levels to get creative, put aside the craziness of the world, and come together with one objective; make someone smile. No matter how it began here in Tampa Bay, painting and hiding rocks has spread across the country like wild fire.

People are putting down their phones and tablets, skipping TV, and painting rocks. They are meeting in parks, at community areas such as libraries, and in each other’s homes. The point? To bring a smile to a stranger.

Some of the Facebook Rock Groups here in the Tampa Bay area include Safety Harbor Rocks, Tampa Rocks, Palm Harbor Rocks, St. Pete Rocks, NPR Rocks, Tarpon Springs Rocks, Clearwater Rocks, etc. You can find many rock groups just by searching for your city. If it doesn’t exist yet, create a group and get “rocking!”

Join us for our Make & Take Crafts night or our Family Fun Night where you will have an opportunity to paint your own rocks and be apart of this fun movement!

Want to meet the artists? We will hold an Artist Reception on February 16 from 6-7:30pm

Herbert Scott Davis

Born in Tampa in 1961, Herbert was raised in the multicultural nationhood of Ybor City, which helped to form his interest in art rich in both color and texture. Growing up in a large family (6 sisters and 2 brothers) Herbert found his identity in creating art.

After graduating high school, he attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where he earned a degree in Advertising and Marketing. Upon returning to Tampa, he made his living working as a freelance illustrator for local agencies. As computer technology began to change the advertising industry, Herbert turned his interest to Fine Art. He now creates art from his studio in Tampa and displays in many galleries in the area.

He credits his years working in the art industry, both commercially and through his freelance work, with the style and type of art he creates today. His pastels have a uniqueness not often seen in the art world, created only using overlapping lines. 

His art will be on display through February at the Museum and his art is for sale. Visit us for more details!

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