Public Art Locations

Painting of orange blossoms, mosaics of alligator, painting of wildflowers

City Artwork Funded by CRA 

Corner of Bayshore & Main 101 Main St.

Odet Philippe Mural, Nancy Mitchell

Library 101 2ND ST. N.

Nature Mosaics, Heather Richardson
Community Mosaics, Safety Harbor Residents
Ibis Bike Rack, Bill Coleman
*paid by Friends of Library

Baranoff Park 101 2ND ST. N

Heart of the Community Sculpture, Gus & Lisa Ocamposilua, 2019

Museum & Cultural Center

329 Bayshore Blvd. S.

Rock-ET Man Sculpture, C.R. Gray, 2013
Owl Painting, Mrissa Rosenthal, 2013

Community Center | 650 9TH Ave. S.

#BradyStrong Sculpture, Clayton Swartz, 2019

Fire Station #52 700 Main St.

Mural, Carl Cowden, 2004

City Hall 750 Main St.

Whimzee the Manatee Sculpture, Todd & Kiaralinda Ramquist
Atrium Mural, Matt Sunderman
911 Memorial Sculpture, City of Safety Harbor
Flock of Ibis Mosaics, Heather Richardson

Rigsby Center 605 2ND St. N.

Formulated Lines Mural, Kristy Burchard & Joe Oliva
Photo Panels, Kristina Wein, Terrie Dahl Thomas, & Dawn Nichols
Dragonfly Painting, Maria Virgilio

Parks & Building Maintenance 333 9TH Ave. N.

Murals, Carlos Culbertson, Derek Donnelly, James Oleson, & Tanya Pistillo

Fire Station #53 3095 McMullen Booth Rd.

911 Mural (Interior),| Zoran Peshich

Community Art funded by private businesses, artists, and neighbors

Baranoff Park 101 2ND St. N.

Follow the Leader Sculpture, A gift from the Kiwanis Club of Safety Harbor

Daydreamer’s Cafe 143 7TH Ave. N.

Mural, Kumpa Tawornprom, Katie Bush, SHAMc Public Art Intervention, Community Members

Harbor Bar 840 Main St.

Mural, Beth Warmath, SHAMc Public Art Intervention

Joey Biscotti 839 Main St.

Mural, Beth Warmath, SHAMc Public Art Intervention

101 3RD Ave. N.

Post Office Mural, Michael Vollbracht, 2011

Safety Harbor Sausage House 605 9TH Ave. N.

Sea Life Mural, Stacy Roth

Green Springs Bistro 5TH Ave. N. & Main St.

Whimzey House 3RD St. S.

Todd & Kiaralinda Ramquist

Safety Harbor Art & Music Center 706 2ND St. N.

Mosaics, Community members, SHAMc Collective

9TH Ave. N.

Mural, Artist Collaboration

The Nona Slice House 10TH Ave. N. & Main St.


Parks Art

Art Park 101 2ND ST. N.

Word Art Benches, Safety Harbor
Writers & Poets, Laura Kepner
Art Bench, Maria Virgilio

Marina/Waterfront Park 110 & 105 Veterans Memorial Ln.

Marina Fountain, Steven Dickey
Postcard Mural, Matt Sunderman

Mullet Creek Park 536 Philippe Parkway

Nature Murals, Beth Warmath
Centennial Mosaics Mullet Creek Bridge, Heather Richardson
Generations of Safety Harbor Children Sculpture, J. Harrison Smith
Accent Mosaics, Heather Richardson

Folly Farms 1562 DR. MLK ST. N.

Community Painting, Mrissa Rosenthal
Wind Sculpture, Lyman Whitaker
*funded by George Weiss

Grapefruit Art

In April 2011, a group of artists got together and injected Downtown with a healthy dose of Vitamin C! Take a stroll down Main Street and see how many grapefruits you can spot!

Safety Harbor City Galleries

These works are submitted by artists and rotated on a monthly basis. Interested in having your art featured in one of our galleries? Contact us at 727-724-1562. 

Museum & Cultural Center

329 Bayshore Blvd. S.

City Hall

750 Main St.

Library 101

2ND St. N.