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General Policy

Legal Compliance

In providing public access to the Internet, the Safety Harbor Public Library subscribes to the principles of intellectual freedom expressed in the American Library Association's LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS and FREEDOM TO READ statements and its interpretations of these documents. Library staff will not monitor, control, or restrict anyone's access to equipment or the range of information available within the limits of State and/or Federal law. Parents or their designated guardians are responsible for personally overseeing their child(ren)'s use of the Internet and to limit or restrict their child(ren)'s access to the Internet. Library staff is not responsible for the decisions and behaviors of minors who visit the library without a parent or guardian.

The Library complies with all applicable state and federal laws regarding Internet access and the use of public computer workstations. Users of Library computing resources must comply with federal and state laws, Library rules and policies, and the terms of applicable contracts including software licenses while using Library computing resources. Applicable federal and state laws include but are not limited to Florida Statutes, Chapters 847.011 (1)a and 847.0133(1) and the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the June 23, 2003 United Sates Supreme Court decision relating thereto are attached. In compliance with CIPA, the Library provides filtered and unfiltered Internet access according to the provisions of the law.*

Additional examples of applicable laws, rules and policies include the laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity and child pornography; the Florida Computer Crimes Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Users who engage in electronic communications with persons in other states or countries or on other systems or networks may also be subject to the laws of those jurisdictions and the rules and policies of those other systems and networks.

The Safety Harbor Public Library Code of Conduct applies to the use of all library computer workstations, with or without Internet access. Users must not use computing resources to gain unauthorized access to local or remote computers or to impair or damage the operations of the City of Safety Harbor computers or networks, PC workstations or peripherals. This includes blocking communication lines and running, installing or sharing virus programs. Deliberate attempts to circumvent data protection or other security measure are not allowed.

Child Safety On the Internet

The Pinellas Public Library Cooperative member libraries are now offering the NetSmartz Internet Safety Program on designated computers in the libraries. Kids and teens are able to participate in a safety education program and learn in an interactive environment.

Internet Usage Disclaimer

The following Internet information disclaimer will be posted at all public computer workstations.
Provision of this service does not constitute any endorsement by the Safety Harbor Public Library. The Library shall have no liability for direct, indirect or consequential damages related to the use of information accessed on the Internet from Library equipment. Internet users are reminded that:
  • Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information.
  • Parents and designated guardians are responsible for limiting, restricting, and/or overseeing the use of the Internet by their children.
  • Filtering software does not block all material users might find offensive.
  • Public library workstations are not private or secure.
* The Children's Internet Protection Act provides United States Code citations for the definitions of "obscene" (18 U.S.C.& 14660) and "child pornography" (18 U.S.C. and2256). The Act identifies "harmful to minors" in Section 1703 (b) (2).

Links to External Sites

The Safety Harbor Public Library wants to provide as much information as possible for the community, and therefore includes many links to outside websites on our website. When visitors to the Library site access one of these links, they leave the Library site and are connected to another site via the Internet. While the Library attempts to link to sites that are interesting and useful to the community, those sites are NOT under the control of the Library. The Safety Harbor Public Library is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or the links it contains. The inclusion of links on the Library website does not indicate endorsement by the Library or the City of Safety Harbor.

Computer Use & Internet Access Policy

Download Computer Use and Internet Access Policy (PDF)

The library provides computer workstations with software programs and Internet access for informational and leisure interests of the general public. Resources found on the Internet do not always provide accurate, complete, or valid information. Computer users must use the Internet at their own risk and take responsibility to question the validity of information found on the Internet.
  • Internet access is subject to federal and state laws: (1) Chapter 847 Florida Statute, which prohibits viewing obscenity, text or graphic, and (2) CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) which requires filtering of obscene images.
  • The library utilizes Internet filters to block obscene images. Under CIPA law, customers 17 and older may request disabling of the filter; however, all users are still obligated to abide by the Patron Code of Conduct and Florida Statutes.
  • Requests to review a site for unblocking can be submitted at the Reference Desk.
  • The City and the library are not responsible for the security of personal information that is transmitted via the public access computers.
  • Library staff cannot enter personal information into forms for Internet computer users. Staff can provide guidance and direction to appropriate websites as requested.
  • Staff can end computer sessions not in compliance with the Patron Code of Conduct.
  • Computer workstation behavior is subject to the Patron Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with computer conduct and operational rules may result in the loss of computer privileges. Inappropriate computer behavior includes the following:
    • Displaying, printing, sending or storing obscene, threatening, or harassing material.
    • Installing, downloading, or modifying computer software.
    • Damaging, altering, or modifying computer equipment, or networks, or security environment.
    • Violating copyright or trademark laws, software licensing agreements or intellectual property rights.
    • Rebooting or shutting down the computers.


Computer users and staff will respect the privacy of others.

Child Safety

While in the library, children age ten (10) and under must be in the immediate vicinity of an adult caregiver. All ages must comply with the Patron Code of Conduct.

Youth Computer Use

For the safety of our underage patrons, youth in grades 5 and under must use the computers in the Children’s Wing. Youth in grades 6-12 may use any computer in the Teen Zone. Youth in grades 9-12 may also use the computers in the Adult computer area. Parents or designated guardians are responsible for overseeing their children’s Internet use.

Computer Reservations

If all computers are in use in the Adult area, reservations can be made at the Reservation/Print Release terminal. If all computers are in use in the Children’s Wing or the Teen area, contact the Youth Services Desk to make a reservation.

Session Length

Computer sessions are 1 hour. If no reservations are pending, sessions can be extended for 30-minute intervals. Maximum computer use per day is 3 hours. Reservations must be made in person and cannot be made in advance. Computer users taking online exams or completing forms requiring more than a 1-hour session may request longer session times during non-peak times.

Library Card Required

A valid Pinellas County Cooperative Library Card is required to use a library computer.
  • Visitors may obtain a Computer Use Only card with a valid ID at the circulation desk or use the 15-minute express computer. Visitors must agree to and comply with the Computer Use and Internet Access Policy.
  • Pinellas County residents without a PPLC library card are required to fill out the application to obtain a library card.
  • Computer users must only use their own issued personal library card. Use of multiple library cards, other than their own, for the purpose of extending computer time is forbidden and will result in the loss of library privileges.
  • Computer users taking online exams or completing forms requiring more than a one hour session may request longer session times during non-peak times. Please contact the Reference Desk prior to logging onto a computer.


Printing from the computer is $0.15 per sheet for black and white copies and $0.50 per sheet for color. Staff cannot refund money for print jobs that are not properly formatted or not wanted. Print preview is recommended prior to printing. Do not make unauthorized copies of information protected by copyright. Unauthorized copying or distribution if copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright holder is prohibited by 17 U.S. Code, Section 107. Legal Responsibility for unauthorized copying lies with the computer user.

Approved by City Attorney October 4, 2010
Revised July 2015

Wireless Internet Policy

Download Wireless Internet Policy (PDF)

The Safety Harbor Public Library provides free Internet access for users with wireless enabled laptop computers and other wireless devices. Wireless service is available throughout the building, although the signal may be stronger in some areas. The wireless network name is Library.

The Library is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to a device that may result from using the wireless network or building power sources.

Wireless networks are subject to security risks. The Library recommends utilizing encryption, virus protection and personal firewalls to protect personal information. The Library is not responsible for compromised personal information, damaged or corrupted user equipment and configurations, Internet security, or personal data files.
Wireless devices should not be left unattended. The Library cannot assume responsibility for theft of equipment or damage to any hardware or software of personal computing devices.

Library staff can not configure patron devices or enter personal information into your device for you.

By choosing to log on to the Library’s wireless network, users agree to abide by the Patron Code of Conduct and Computer Use and Internet Policies.

The wireless network is filtered. To have a website unblocked, please advise the reference desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I print from my laptop or PDA? No. Printers are not available to wireless users. If you need to print, save the data to your device, copy it to a disc or portable flash device, or attach it to your email, and print it from one of our public PCs. Black and white copies are $0.15 cents each.
  2. How do I use wireless at the library? The Library uses the WiFi standard (referred to as IEEE 802.11g). You need a laptop or other wireless device with a built-in Wi-Fi network card, known as a NIC. Most new laptops come equipped with network interface cards and automatically pick up a signal. The library cannot guarantee the compatibility of your equipment with the Library's network.
  3. I’m not able to get a connection. What can I do to check connectivity? Right click on Network Neighborhood and click on “Properties”. Click on the Wireless TCP/IP adapter setting and look at its properties. Ensure that you have checked Obtain an IP address automatically. Most wireless software has an indicator that shows when a signal is being received. Make sure the link quality and signal strength are both minimally “good.” If the signal is weak, try relocating to another spot within the Library. Library staff cannot configure your device.
  4. How long can I use the wireless network? At this time, there are no time limits on using the wireless network. We ask that you log off ten minutes prior to closing.

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General Policy | Computer Use and Internet Access Policy | Wireless Internet Policy

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