Neighborhood Parks

Daisy Douglas Park

Although only a little over an acre, Daisy Douglas is located to serve the surrounding neighborhoods with safe and fun recreational opportunities.

Location: 601 9th Avenue North
Amenities: Playground, Shelter, Restrooms, Basketball Courts
Size: 1.1 acres

Marshall Street Park

Take a stroll on one of the walking trails, or enjoy the shady comfort provided by the mature stand of Live Oak Trees this park has to offer.

Location: 500 Marshall Street
Amenities: Playground, Shelters (2), Restrooms, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Outdoor Racquetball Courts (2), Walking Trails
Size: 9.5 acres

Mease Area Park

Located at Mease Countryside Hospital, Mease Park provides a playground and shelter to the adjacent neighborhood and visitors of the hospital.

Location: 1803 Mease Drive
Amenities: Playground, Shelter
Size: 1.02 acres

Mullet Creek Nature Park

Observe the beautiful nature gardens and walk through the serenity offered in this neighborhood park located near downtown.

Amenities: Playground, Observation Garden, Art
Location: 536 Philippe Parkway
Size: 2.48 acres

North City Park

North City Park has ample amenities for all patrons. In addition to the various courts and playgrounds, it is home to one of the City’s dog parks and a large, open field capable of handling large sporting events and camps.

Amenities: Playground, Shelter, Restrooms, Basketball Courts, Pickleball Courts, Tennis Courts, Dog park
Location: 2075 Swan Lane
Size: 9.2 acres