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Leisure Services Survey

  1. Help Us Meet Your Leisure Services Needs
    – Spring 2016

    Safety Harbor Parks and Recreational activities provide opportunities for our community to connect. Your feedback is an essential part in helping us provide the best events, programs and activities for you in the future. Thank you in advance for your commitment to helping make our city wide programs grow!

  2. Are you a resident of Safety Harbor?*

  3. How long have you been a customer with the Recreation Department?

  4. Which of the facilities are you evaluating?*

  5. Did you register in person?*

  6. Did you register online?*

  7. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest, how would you rate the registration process?*

  8. How would you rate the staff and customer service you received?*

  9. Is the park/facility/field or program being evaluated a good value for the fee paid?*

  10. Are you currently a member of a gym or fitness center?

  11. If no, do you plan to join the Community Center REAL Fun fitness center when it opens?

  12. How many days a week do you use or would use the fitness center?

  13. What hours would you use the fitness center?

  14. What are you main needs out of a fitness center?

  15. Would you be interested in Wellness Workshops focusing around the CC Fitness Center?

  16. Would you be interested in small group or individual personal training sessions at the CC Fitness Center?

  17. How did you hear about us? (Please check all that apply.)

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