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Current Exhibit in Museum City Gallery

East Meets West

In 2012, Noriko organized the East Meets West exhibition at the Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center.  Now, in its third year, she is again bringing Asian culture and art to Pinellas County by way of Japanese artists Koki Sugita and Keisuke Teshima.

Koki Sugita excels in Japanese Calligraphy painting on traditional Japanese rice paper and tatami mats. According to Sugita’s Facebook page, Japanese calligraphy, “sho”, is constantly changing and has been since its beginnings, which date back approximately 1700 years. His art weaves the values of Japan’s ancient times with his own modern inspirations.

Keisuke Teshima is a master in the ancient art of the one stroke dragon. This technique is difficult since there is no breakage in the stroke. He paints the body of a dragon with one brush stroke, which is considered a good omen. His bio states that “Since ancient times, the dragon has been considered the incarnation of a deity and worshiped as a sign of good fortune around the world.  From early on, Europeans and Indians believed dragons brought wealth and good luck to homes. This is especially so in Japan as it is said that Japan itself is the dragon. Owners of single stroke dragons are protected by and are given prayers for good health and realization of great ambitions.”

Written by Laura Kepner, taken from
Articulate Creative Pinellas


East Meets West





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