Municipal Code

City Code & Documents

There are several documents that govern and guide decision making in Safety Harbor. Below you will find a list of these documents with brief descriptions of what each document does. These documents guide the decisions of the City Commission and the recommendations of City Staff.
  • Municipal Code - The Municipal Code is the governing document of Safety Harbor. It includes the City's Charter which explains how the City is governed, how and when elections are to be held, the duties of some City Officers, and many other administrative rules. The Code also includes rules governing taxation, utilities, and many other areas regulated by the City.
  • Comprehensive Zoning and Land Development Code (LDC) - The LDC establishes permitted and conditional uses (i.e., what activities can take place) by zoning district and sets forth regulations and standards relating to how those uses may physically develop on a specific piece of property.
  • Comprehensive Plan - The Comprehensive Plan is the City's official long range policy document that provides a systematic framework for making land use decisions based on data and analysis.
  • Downtown Master Plan (PDF) - the Downtown Master Plan is a special area plan for the City's Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). It provides more detail and focus than the Comprehensive Plan on future land uses, design character, and capital improvements intended to promote growth and revitalization.
  • Future Land Use Map and Zoning Atlas - The Future Land Use Map is a graphic representation of the desired land use pattern. It projects an idealized snapshot of where types of development should be concentrated within certain ranges of density and intensity limits.
  • Library Master Plan (PDF) - Safety Harbor Public Library's current LRP is the result of planning group meetings with 20 community participants and the direction of a planning facilitator. The planning group began meeting in September 2003 and the document was adopted by the Commission in April 2004.
  • Building Codes - Adopted Florida Building Codes