Museum & Tours

The Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center is home to several exhibits that display our city and regional history. The exhibits are owned and managed by the 501(c)3 Safety Harbor Museum of Regional History. Artifacts date back to prehistoric times and help to tell the story of Safety Harbor.


10,000 Years of History Tour

Explore 10,000 years of regional history. Learn about the exploration of Safety Harbor, the Tocobagan Indians, and Pioneers. This tour is available to groups of 40 or more and costs $5 per person.

Exhibit Tours

Guided tours are available with advance notice by one of our volunteer docents.

Requesting a Tour

To request a guided tour, please call 727-724-1562 or send us an email. All tours conducted by the Safety Harbor Museum of Regional History, a 501(c)3 non-profit
A man in Civil War clothes