Sustainability & Resiliency

History & Ready for 100

The City Commission approved Resolutions 2019-08 and 2020-18 in support of the Ready for 100 Pledge championed by the Sierra Club (the Sierra Club sunset the Ready for 100 campaign in 2022 and integrated this approach into their existing climate work).

The pledge committed the City to an organizational target of powering City facilities and operations with 100% renewable, zero emission energy sources no later than 2035 and a commitment to support the transition of our community to 100% renewable, zero emission energy sources.

The commitment included preparing an environmental action plan that summarizes the City of Safety Harbor’s Commitment to the 100 Percent Renewable Energy Initiative and evaluating progress toward goal every three years in coordination with the environmental action plan.

Resilience vs. Sustainability

Resilience vs Sustainability

The City’s draft Sustainability-Resiliency Plan is comprised of three (3) major focus areas. To learn more about the City’s plan, follow the link below:

Sustainability-Resiliency Plan

Natural Resources 

Green Space

Infrastructure and Services

Energy Efficiency
Sustainable Buildings


Sustainable Stormwater Management
Flood Mitigation 
Infrastructure Hardening