What should I do if I experience low water pressure?

Many factors, such as line maintenance or the flushing of hydrants and water lines, could cause low water pressure. A plumbing leak on the property, a water softener with blocked lines, a leaky sprinkler system, or even a house valve that has been turned off accidentally, can also contribute to low water pressure in a home. Should you experience low water pressure, there are a couple of areas to check before calling the Public Works Department:

  • Check the outside garden hose faucet (hose bib) on the side of the house. Thypically the hose bib/faucet is before a water softener (if you have one) and is usually the source coming from the City's water main. If the water pressure seems low, check to see if the isolation valve or water shut-off valve for the residence has been turned down, also check with one of your neighbors to see if they are also experienceing low water pressure. If the valve is turned on and/or your neighbor's pressure is good, please contact the Public Works Water Division to have a technician come out to check for the problem.
  • If the water pressure on the side of the house is excellent but low inseide the house and you have a water softener, try by-passing the water softener. If the pressure inside the house improves once you by-pass the softener, this would indicate a possible malfunction of the water softener. Check the softener settings to make sure the softener is not back flushing during times of usage. The middle of the night would be the best time for the softener to perform a back flush procedure.
  • Should you notice an orange colored sandy appearance in the water and your water pressure is low, this would indicate that the resin bed in the softener has ruptured and you need to by-pass the water softener immediately and contact your water softener maintenance company
  • If the water softener is releasing sediment into plumbing system in the home, check the screens of faucets and showers to ensure they do not have sediment.
  • Once you have checked all of the above possibilities and you still have low water pressure, please contact the Public Works Water Division at 727-724-1550 to have a technician come out to check for the problem.

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