What do I do if I have a backed up sewer line at my residence?
First check to see if the problem is in just one area of your building. All sinks, toilets, washing machine drains, etc, go to one service line. The service line carries your wastewater to the City sewer main in the street or easement. The property owner is responsible for all inside plumbing and the service line until it reaches the City’s lateral usually at the Right of Way (ROW). Some private service lines extend into the City’s Right of Way (ROW).
Next, the owner or resident should call the City's Public Works Department prior to calling a plumber. We will gladly come out to assist you. The City of Safety Harbor cannot reimburse residents for plumbing bills when a plumber is called first. Our telephone number during our regular business hours (6:30am to 3:00pm M-F) is 727-724-1550. After hours calls should be directed to our after hours emergency number: 727-724-1555 and follow the instructions.

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