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Project: Safety Harbor Marina – Art by the Bay

The City of Safety Harbor requests submissions from artists or artists teams.

Safety Harbor is comfortably nestled along the northwest edge of Old Tampa Bay in Pinellas County. Safety Harbor enjoys a unique place in the history books and in the hearts of its citizens and visitors. The first inhabitants were the Timucuan Indians who called the area Tocobaga. In 1528, Spanish adventures led by the explorer Panfilo de Narvaez landed on our shores. Safety Harbor is the home of the historic Espiritu Santo Springs. Given this name in 1539 by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, who was searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth, these natural springs have attracted the attention worldwide for their curative powers. Safety Harbor was first homesteaded by Count Odet Philippe, a French surgeon in Napoleon’s navy, who is credited with introducing citrus growing to Florida. Established in 1823, the Counts homestead is now the site of Philippe Park, which is a 122-acre Pinellas County owned and operated facility that is very popular among our residents and visitors.

Safety Harbor was formally incorporated as a City in 1917 with a population of 200 persons. Today 18,031 persons call Safety Harbor their home. As primarily a residential community, the City has maintained the character of a family-oriented community while preserving our environmentally sensitive lands and revitalizing our historic downtown Business District.

Deadline: Friday, December 9, 2022, 4:00 PM
Any Proposal received after the above-stated date and time will not be considered or accepted. It shall be the sole responsibility of the individual or entity submitting a Proposal to have its Proposal delivered to the City in accordance with this RFP for receipt on or before the date and time set forth above. No matter the method of delivery chosen by the Proposer, the Proposer shall be solely responsible for its timely delivery. No late Proposals will be accepted or considered by the City.

Project Goals: 5 pieces of artwork will be selected and then enlarged and printed to 9’ W x 5’ H outdoor DiBond material. The theme of artwork should be Safety Harbor, Small Town, or Community.

Location: Safety Harbor Marina, 105 Veterans Memorial Lane, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

The park features:
• Boardwalks through mangroves overlooking Tampa Bay
• Fishing pier
• Bike/walking trails
• Memorial Plaza
• Marina with 40 wet slips
• Shade Sail Pavilion

Project Budget: $300 per artwork selected to be printed and displayed for 2 years. All expenses for submitted a proposal to the City shall be born solely by the proposer.

Media: All proposed works must be in compliance with the theme: Safety Harbor, Small Town, and Community. Images submitted must be a high resolution JPEG.

Safety Harbor Art by the Bay Application and More Information

Project: Marina Park Baffle Box Mural

The City of Safety Harbor Public Works Department alongside the Public Art Committee are seeking proposals for a Storm Drain Mural to be painted on the concrete viewing pad of the new baffle box observation hatches located in the special use area of the Safety Harbor Marina.

Deadline: January 31, 2023,3:00 PM

Project Goals: Safety Harbor’s Stormwater Division would like to highlight the positive impact our stormwater treatment system has on the ecosystem throughout Safety Harbor. The Safety Harbor Marina and adjacent linear park attract thousands of visitors each week that pass by this proposed mural location.

Location: Just south of 110 Veterans Memorial Lane, Safety Harbor

Site Description: The site is partially shaded by nearby oak trees but does get direct sunlight for the majority of the day. The site is a walkable surface and subject to maintenance activities by heavy equipment on a quarterly basis. Any paints and sealants utilized must be traffic rated, non-slip (skid resistant) exterior paint.

Project Budget: The selected artist will receive a $1,000 honorarium for the work applied to the baffle box lid.

The honorarium will cover:

• Artist fees for the work

• Supplies

• Transportation

Media: All proposed work must meet the criteria of the City of Safety Harbor’s Storm Drain Mural Program.

Marina Park Baffle Box Mural Application and More Information

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Public Art Committee Members


  • Colleen Baxter
  • Jennifer Gray
  • Jody Grutza
  • Marie Murray
  • Lauren Buchanan
  • Deanne White - Alternate

More Information

For information, please email Shannon Schafer, Recreation Superintendent at:

City of Safety Harbor

750 Main Street

Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Phone: 727-724-1562