Fire Fighting, EMT & Paramedic Careers

What Does a Firefighter Do?
Fire Fighters respond to emergency calls and provide emergency medical services in Safety Harbor, West Oldsmar and Tampa Bay and provide mutual aid to other surrounding districts. These calls may include a:
  • Hazmat threat
  • Medical emergency
  • Natural disaster
  • Structural fire
  • Vehicle collision
  • Water rescue
In addition, a fire fighter has many other responsibilities.
Back of Ladder Truck 53 with ladder raised

Daily Duties

A typical shift day includes:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Fire Inspections / Pre-plans
  • Firehouse duties
  • Hydrant Testing
  • Physical fitness and Continued Medical Education
  • PR Details and Public Education Classes
  • Running emergencies 24/7
  • Scheduled Training (1 - 4 hours on average)
  • Smoke Alarm Installation
Car Extrication Training
How to Become a Firefighter, EMT or Paramedic
  1. You must attend a fire academy to become a state certified firefighter. You can attend locally at St. Petersburg College or attend another Florida Academy such as Florida State Fire College.
  2. The next step is Emergency Medical Technician school. Paramedic and EMT schools are both offered locally and across the state.
  3. Once you have completed these requirements you can apply to the City of Safety Harbor.
More Information
For more information on fire fighting career opportunities or employment, visit the National Testing Network Website.