Patron Code of Conduct

Safety Harbor Public Library strives to provide a high level of service to all library patrons and ensure a positive and safe experience. Behavior becomes unacceptable when it causes personal injury or to injury to others, damages building or equipment, or when it impinges on the rights of others. Library users who behave unlawfully will be evicted. Patrons shall engage in activities associated with the use of a public library services while they are in the building.

  • Violations of any federal, state, county, or city ordinance is prohibited. Suspected illegal activities will be reported to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.  
  • Disruptive, threatening or unsafe behavior toward patrons, staff, and volunteers is prohibited.
  • While in the library, children age ten (10) and under must be in the immediate vicinity of an adult caregiver. Responsibility for children using the library rests with parents or assigned caregivers, not library staff.
  • Adult patrons who are not actively seeking materials from the youth services area shall be asked to relocate to other areas of the library.
  • Loitering or congregating at the library entrance is prohibited.
  • Library restrooms may not be used for bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, or washing clothes. Shoes and shirts are required in the Library. Bodily hygiene must not be offensive to others.
  • Posting of advertisements, selling, or solicitation is prohibited.
  • Only ADA service animals are allowed in the library. Therapy dogs are not ADA service animals and are not permitted unless involved in a designated library program.
  • Alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants are prohibited, as is intoxication.1 Smoking is prohibited.6 Library policy prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes.
  • Only food and beverages purchased from the Library vending machine are allowed in the Library. Food purchased from other venues is not permitted. No food is allowed at any computer workstation. Non-alcoholic beverages in closed lid containers are permitted inside the library.
  • Inappropriate use of library computers is prohibited (see Computer Use Policy). This includes sending threatening messages, displaying or printing illegal material such as obscene2 or threatening material on a library computer, and altering, downloading or installing any program on library computers.  Intentional disruption of the operation of the computer system and network is a violation of Florida Law.3
  • Cursing and disruptive noise is prohibited.4
  • Patrons will promptly leave the building at closing times or when requested during an emergency.

Individuals willing to modify unacceptable behavior are welcome to stay in the Library. Those unwilling or unable to comply will be asked to leave. Any display of physical aggression is cause for immediate expulsion from the Library.

  • First, a verbal warning will be issued and the patron will be asked to correct the behavior.
  • Second warning, the person(s) will be asked to leave the library.
  • Third warning for minors will result in a parent/guardian conference with library management for re-admittance.

If a person refuses to leave and continues to display behavior that threatens or endangers others, damages property, interferes with staff’s ability to complete their duties, or disrupts library operations, Sheriff deputies will be called and a trespass notice may be issued.5

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Updated April 2017