WiFi Hotspot Policy

Check hotspot availability in the library catalog

Holds may be placed by staff only; call us at 727-724-1525 or email us at shplref@cityofsafetyharbor.com to place a hold.

  • Check out period - 14 days, one renewal if no holds pending. 
  • One device per household.
  • Minimum check out age is 18.
  • Hotspots must be picked up and returned to SHPL only. Do not return device in outside drop box.
  • Lost replacement cost is $95. If device is not returned within four days of due date, service will be shut off and library card charged.
  • The Library is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to a device that may result from using the wireless network or building power sources.
  • Wireless networks are subject to security risks. The Library recommends utilizing encryption, virus protection and personal firewalls to protect personal information. The Library is not responsible for compromised personal information, damaged or corrupted user equipment and configurations, Internet security, or personal data files.
  • By choosing to log on to the Wi-Fi network provided by the SHPL, users agree to abide by the Patron Code of Conduct, Computer Use and Internet and Wi-Fi Hotspot Policies.
  • The wireless network is filtered. Some websites may be blocked.