Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the city's official long range policy document that provides a systematic framework for making land use decisions based on data and analysis. It lays out the community's vision and priorities and generally describes the types of land uses that may be appropriate in a given area within certain density and intensity limits. It is a guide to the future that helps ensure orderly growth in the public's best interest.

Elements of the Plan

The City's Comprehensive Plan has been prepared to be in compliance with Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, and the Countywide Rules for Pinellas County. It contains 10 elements addressing the following subjects:

  •  Future Land Use
  • Capital Improvements
  • Coastal Management and Conservation
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Intergovernmental Coordination
  • Public Schools Facilities
  • Recreation and Open Space
  • Transportation
  • Property Rights