Community Redevelopment Agency


In 1992, the City of Safety Harbor established a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to address deteriorating conditions in the downtown area in accordance with state statutes. The CRA established a Redevelopment Trust Fund and approved a Redevelopment Plan for the Community Redevelopment District (CRD). Pinellas County, a charter county, delegated the powers and authority to the City by County Resolution 92-152. The original CRD boundary included a total of 108 acres. The Tax Increment Finance District covers property inside the original CRA boundary is approved through 2022. In 2009, the City Commission approved a 48-acre expansion area to the Community Redevelopment District. In 2012, the Downtown Master Plan was updated. A link to the master plan is provided below. The Community Redevelopment District contains a hierarchy of character districts based on existing and intended use, character and function.


City Resolution 92-26 created the CRA and declared that the five (5) members of the City Commission constituted the CRA. The City Manager acts as the Executive Director and the City Attorney provides the CRA with legal counsel.

Regulatory Framework

The City’s Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Element and Article VI of the Comprehensive Zoning and Land Development Code establish the regulatory framework for development within the Community Redevelopment District.


The CRA files an annual report summarizing ongoing activities and financial information, in accordance with state statutes. A link to the most recent CRA Annual Report is provided below. The CRA has completed numerous Capital Improvement Program projects and programs, including the Downtown Partnership matching grant program which began in 2009. A list of some of the projects and activities completed by the CRA is provided below:

  • 9th Avenue corridor improvements
  • Baranoff Oak tree preservation and pocket park
  • Bayshore Trail construction
  • Brick street restoration
  • Downtown Partnership Grant program
  • Historical marker program
  • Mullet Creek park improvements
  • On street parking development
  • Public art installation
  • Safety Harbor museum façade renovation
  • Sidewalk construction
  • Main Street streetscaping, landscaping, and irrigation improvements
  • Undergrounding of utilities
  • Waterfront Park purchase and improvements
  • Wayfinding signage program

Downtown Partnership Grants 

The City of Safety Harbor CRA has a Downtown Partnership matching grant reimbursement program. Grant categories include facade, front porch, fencing, signage, public art, landscaping, dumpster enclosure, interior renovation, new non-residential building, market/hardware store use, and artistic bicycle rack. Both residential and non-residential properties within the Community Redevelopment District are eligible for several grant types.


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