Mobile Vendor Regulations

Mobile vendors must have a valid permit issued by the State of Florida that is attached to the mobile vending vehicle in a visible location. A local permit is not required. A copy of the annual City of Safety Harbor Fire Department inspection approval and a water/wastewater form approved by the Public Works Department are required to be submitted to the City of Safety Harbor Community Development Department prior to operating. You can find the fire inspection form here. Instructions for completing the form and scheduling the fire inspection are included with the form. You can find the water/wastewater form here. To submit these forms, please email The mobile vendor permit fire inspection fee is $25. 

Mobile Vendor Frequently Asked Questions 

Mobile Vendors (food trucks) are permitted within the City of Safety Harbor on private property as described below. 

Where can Mobile Vendors operate?

There are three options for mobile vendors to operate within the city:

  1. Mobile vendors can operate on private property that includes an establishment where beer and wine are sold for on-site consumption.  
  2. Mobile vendors can be approved to participate in citywide Special Events.  For more information, visit the Safety Harbor Special Events web page at or email Special Event Supervisor, Joe Cooper, at
  3. Private property owners can apply to have a mobile vendor on their property through the temporary use application process. A link to the application is below:

When can Mobile Vendors that operate on private property, that allow the on site consumption of beer and wine operate? 

Mobile vendors (food trucks) are permitted for a time period not to exceed five (5) consecutive hours, starting no earlier than 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 3:00 p.m. until business closing time Friday through Sunday. Mobile Vendors may set up no more than one hour before opening and shall be removed within one hour after closing.

Where can the Mobile Vending vehicle park for private property that allow the on site consumption of beer and wine?

The mobile vendor truck, trailer, or other conveyance shall not park or be stored in any parking area. Parking area is defined as all areas associated with a parking lot and utilized for parking spaces, drive aisles, parking lot landscaping areas, and loading areas required by code. 

For more information about mobile vendors for special events, contact Special Events Supervisor, Joe Cooper, at or (727)724-1555 ext. 1511

For more information about mobile vendors on private property, contact the Community Development Director at (727)724-1555 ext. 1702